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13WMAZ: Macon Dream Academy approved by the state

Karla Redding-Andrews

MACON, GA.-- - While Macon Charter Academy closed its doors Wednesday Dream Academy got approved by the State Charter Schools Commission of Georgia.

Otis Redding's family is backing the school they are calling the Dream Academy.

"My father was really an advocate of education. He was really an advocate of music and the arts in the schools,” says Redding’s daughter, Karla Redding-Andrews.

The Dream Board is hoping to promote Redding’s love for music and education through the Dream Academy. It is something Andrews has been working on for years.

"The first thing to go in the schools is the music and the arts. If you look at most studies they have proven that if kids are exposed to music and the arts at an early age they're more successful in their education systems,” says Andrews.

Wednesday Dream Academy was unanimously approved by the state commission, but they still need a location. Once that is complete, they hope to open as a Kindergarten through sixth grade school.

"We initially intend to start the school year with 360 kids. That's what we hope. We'll build out of course to 690 by the time we get to twelfth grade, but we'll start K through sixth initially and build from there,” says Andrews.

With some recent Macon school closures Andrews says they have learned and are planning to take a different approach.

"To garner the support of the community and to make sure that the parents understand that we are committed to the child. It is all about the importance and the success of the child,” says Andrews.

It is all in hopes of fostering the music and art talents of our local children. The Dream Academy hopes to be open by August of 2017 if they can find a location. If not Karla Redding-Andrews says they will push the open date back to 2018.

Now that the school has been approved by the State Charter Schools Commission of Georgia they can start enrolling students, finding buildings and hiring staff.