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Latest news: Read the press release about DREAM Academy's State Charter School Commission of Georgia's approval. 

Read the Charter Application HERE and  Full Appendices HERE. View the Charter Contract HERE

MISSION: DREAM Academy will empower students to maximize their full potential through the integration of arts and academics.

VISION: The initiatives of DREAM Academy offer a new learning approach to a community whose real relevance has a deep connection to music and the arts. National statistics have shown that a child gifted with the opportunity of self-expression and creativity paired with strong academics provides a well rounded and well prepared leader for a world of tomorrow.

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Led by the Otis Redding Foundation, committed Stakeholders and Partners intend to expand student access to structured, sustained, and effective education and programming in music, the creative arts, leadership, and entrepreneurship through the establishment of DREAM Academy.  The intent is to create a hub, destination, and anchor unifying and coordinating supports, services, and programs AND blending program offerings after-school, evening, and weekend with academics during the school day.  The Academy will serve as an aggregator and facilitator of community resources and opportunities while designing, implementing, and fostering programs, partnerships, and sustainable practices and culture through music, creative arts, and entrepreneurship.

DREAM Academy will be a state charter school of choice open to all students residing in Georgia.  At opening in August 2018, the school will serve grades K-6, expanding a grade each year to create a K-12 school.  The charter school will start with kindergarten through grade six, and will expand by one grade level each year until grade twelve.

DREAM Academy will focus on the development of creative thinkers and problem solvers through a balanced, comprehensive and sequential program of interdisciplinary study. By integrating music and the arts into the teaching of standards, The Academy will customize its curriculum to focus on building students’ capacity for conceptual thinking, inquiry, analysis, interpretation, self-expression and self-esteem. This model integrates the arts – music, drama, dance and visual – into project-based learning that enables students to process information and express a deeper understanding of academic subject matter. The goal in arts integration is to enliven instruction, increase memory, expand student involvement and enhance meaning.  When one enters DREAM Academy, he/she will see students using the arts (music, dance, drama, fine and media arts) to learn about math, science, social studies and literacy EVERY DAY IN EVERY CLASSROOM!